Partners of the Hortus Haren

DeWit Tools Factory Since 2012,

Mr. de Wit from the Groningen company DeWit Tools Factory has been donating beautiful and strong tools to the Hortus. The owner, Derk de Wit, visited the Hortus once and asked for the director. The then director did not know what happened to him when Mr. de Wit gave him tools in the hands with the remark ‘that is only tools’. DeWit is a family business that has been producing forged tools for 5 generations. Nowadays a modern metalworking company, started in 1898 by Willem de Wit as a village smith in the Groningen village of Kornhorn.

Remix Dry Mortar BV

Remix Dry Mortar BV develops, produces and markets high-quality dry mortars for the professional processor. With a balanced range, Remix has the perfect mortar for virtually any building project. Remix supplies dry mortar products in silos, big bags and bags to buyers at home and abroad. Due to size, know-how and innovative product development, Remix is ​​a leader and trend-defining in dry mortars.

Koi Center North

Koi Center North Netherlands has been the specialist in Japanese koi of the North for more than 20 years. Koi Centrum Noord is a concept for lovers of real Japanese Koi of the highest quality. In their pond store you will find in addition to 14 indoor pools all products to make your pond function optimally.

TerraNext Eelde

TerraNext is the trainer of the green sector. TerraNext provides MBO courses, vocational training (in collaboration with sector organizations) and courses in the area of

​​1) Public space management,
2) Landscape development and management,
3) Garden design, construction and maintenance,
4) Floral design and design and
5) Green and agricultural entrepreneurship.

TerraNet also organizes the Professional Skilled Education course in collaboration with the sector association of gardeners (VHG).

Ondernemend Haren

Enterprising Haren is the entrepreneurs’ association in Haren that aims to make the village of Haren as attractive as possible, for both the public and entrepreneurs, by organizing activities.

COSIS (formerly: NOVO)

In the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe you will encounter Cosis at more than 80 locations. Children and adults at Cosis can receive various forms of support and guidance, the starting point being that they control their own lives. Cosis runs together with the Hortus the ‘Grand Café de Plantage’ situated in the Hortus. Visitors of the Hortus can enjoy a cup of coffee with pastries and delicious homemade soup and sandwiches. Clients, employees and volunteers of Cosis work together with volunteers from the Hortus.Classical Academy.

The Classical Academy for Visual Arts

This Is the only regular art academy to use a classical curriculum. The academy offers students a three-year professional training with classical subjects such as anatomy, composition, form control, use of materials, color and perspective, followed by a two-year master’s program in which the students are supported in developing their own direction, style, handwriting and objective. Another unique aspect is the sculpture training that will deliver the first batch of sculptors in 2016. This sculpture training at academic level is the only one in our country. In 2016, the Hortus Haren was one of the locations of the Classic Salon, with sculptures by Bastiaan de Groot, Koen de Vries, Joeri van Marrewijk and Henk Slomp.

Harry Zijderveld Graphic Design

Harry Zijderveld has been a specialist in graphic design for many years and has been unusually beautiful since 1989. Everything that has to do with text and images is his field of work: brochures, posters, books, magazines, annual reports, corporate styles and web design. Playing with form, color, typography, image and with thoughts, raids and ideas. It delivers original and tailor-made work, but in the end it’s always about the end result. That’s why a poster should be easy to read, a book page should look good, a website should be easily navigable and a flyer should appeal to the target audience. The website for the Hortus has been designed by Harry.

De Wilde Road Construction

De Wilde is a earthmoving company from Groningen. The company that was founded in 1951 is now a versatile and all-round GWW company by focusing on a wide range of disciplines in road construction. For all large-scale, small-scale, new-build or maintenance projects, Wilde Wegenbouw has all the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully carry out these projects, from design phase to maintenance phase. The construction of the new Hondsrugtuin in the Hortus botanicus Haren was made possible thanks to a gift from a large mountain boulder.

Firma Dusseldorp

The company Dusseldorp is installing the new Hondsrugtuin in the Hortus Haren. The company has several branches spread over the north and east of the Netherlands and is active for (semi) governments, Rijkswaterstaat, water boards, the Ministry of Defense, industries, project developers, the business community and individuals.


The Dutch Association of Botanical Gardens (NVBT) is an umbrella organization and has 25 gardens spread throughout the Netherlands. Together we see it as our mission to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity of plants in the context of a sustainable world. The Hortus botanicus Haren is one of 25 gardens and is allowed to carry the Botanic Guardians logo. Botanical gardens are institutions where a documented, living plant collection is managed for scientific research, nature conservation, exhibition and education. For example, a Hortus Chat has been developed, an app that allows you to talk to the Crown Jewels in the garden. Walk through the botanical gardens of the Netherlands and be warned automatically if you are near a plant in the area. Hortus Chat sends you a message. Hortus Chat is available for Android and Iphone.

Association Friends of the Hortus ‘Henricus Munting’

The association aims to protect the botanical and cultural-historical values ​​of the Hortus Botanicus Haren. In addition, the association wants to raise and promote the interest for the Hortus Botanicus Haren, all in the broadest sense of the word.

Geopark de Hondsrug

The Geopark de Hondsrug foundation has been granted the status of Unesco Global Geopark since 2016. This makes her the only one in the Netherlands. The Hortus Botanicus Haren forms the gateway to the Geopark de Hondsrug.