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Become a Volunteer at the Hortus Haren

In 2002 the University of Groningen created a foundation to preserve the Hortus (Stichting Behoud Groene Hortus)  Volunteers play a crucial role in the maintenance and preservation of the Hortus. Only because of the efforts of the volunteers can the Hortus grow and blossom (and stay open for visitors)! New volunteers are warmly welcomed.

The Hortus does not receive any government subsidies. Income is generated by entrance fees, restaurant facilities, parties and special events. The Hortus also receives sponsoring from the organization “Friends of the Hortus” (the “VriendenVereniging”) for a variety of projects, such as the renovation of the wild plant garden—the Laarman Garden—which has recently been registered in the National Plant Collection. The dedication of more than 100 volunteers is thus crucial for the future of the Hortus.

Working in de Hortus means:

  • Working in a beautiful environment
  • Goal-directed collaboration with enthusiastic colleagues
  • A chance to gain work experience
  • A place where people count on you

What we offer volunteers:

  • A training period
  • The possibility to develop yourself
  • The chance to be part of a team

What we ask:

  • A minimal commitment of ½ day per week
  • That commitments are kept
  • Respect for colleagues
  • An attitude of working to maintain the Hortus Haren

How to Volunteer

Are you able to commit to at least ½ day a week and would you like to become a volunteer or ask for more information? Send an e-mail to vrijwilligers@hortusharen.nl or fill in the registration form.
Stichting Behoud Groene Hortus – Kerklaan 34 – 9751 NN Haren
Telefoon (050) 537 00 53