steun de hortus

Support the Hortus Haren

The Foundation for the Conservation of Green Hortus (SBGH) was established in 2002. The SBGH is a recognized charity with ANBI status. Every day, the many volunteers of the SBGH are very enthusiastic about keeping the Hortus botanicus Haren for the Northern Netherlands. However the Hortus also depends on the financial support of the Association of Friends of the Botanical Gardens ‘Henricus Munting’ and others who like the Hortus. If you want to support the Hortus Haren you can do this in different ways:

1. Becoming a donor of the Hortus Haren

2. Become a volunteer at the Hortus Haren

3. Gifts

4. Arbitration / legacy

5. Become member of the¬†Association of Friends of the Botanical Gardens ‘Henricus Munting’

6. Becoming a partner of the Hortus Haren

7. Becoming a sponsor of the Hortus Haren


If you want more information about one of the above options, please contact us.