Tours of the Hortus

Are you interested in the plants, animals, and gardens in the Hortus? We have expert guides who are very happy to tell you all about everything that grows and flowers in the various gardens and so add an extra dimension to your visit to the Hortus. Modified tours are available for wheel-chair users. The tour lasts no more than 1 hour.

Theme tours

  1. A “bird’s eye view”: A tour through most of the gardens, dependent on the season and the wishes of the group
  2. Chinese Garden: Discover the mysteries of the hidden Empire of the Ming
  3. Celtic Garden: See the plants and other elements of importance to the Celts
  4. Tree route: A tour which includes the rare and special trees of the Hortus
  5. Wild plant garden: The Laarman Garden is the oldest botanical part of the Hortus, with an arboretum, a collection of conifers and an ecological meadow and heather garden
  6. Exotic plants: You’ll hear stories about the large collection of rare exotic plants that are in flower in the Spring
  7. Herb Garden: everything to know about the use of herbs in the medical and culinary worlds
  8. Mushroom tour: In the Autumn, you can find many special mushrooms in the Hortus. Prepare to be surprised by your expert guide.
  9. Songbirds: In the Spring, get acquainted with the stay-at-home birds as well as the migratory birds that have just returned from Africa. Look into why birds sing, together with the guide.

Book a tour

The cost of a tour for up to 10 people is €32.50.

For larger groups of between 11 and 15 people, there will be an extra cost of €3.00 per person. Groups that wish to make use of a room at the Hortus in the evening will be charged €35.00

If you have questions, or wish to book a tour, fill in the request form or send an email to or by filling in the online form, or by calling the front desk or the administration 0031-(0)50-5370053

Occasionally on Sundays a free tour takes place, starting at 14.00. This will be announced in the program and in the newsletter. Although the tour is free, you will still have to pay the standard entry price to enter the Hortus.

Audio tour

You can download audio information from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android), search term ‘Hortus Haren’, for the Chinese Garden and the Laarman Garden in Dutch, English and German to enrich your walks in these gardens. Downloads are free.