House Rules of the Hortus Haren

  • The gardens of the Hortus may be visited only with proof of payment of the entrance fee.
  • Do not pick or eat any seeds, berries, plants or plant parts. These may be poisonous.
  • Collection of any plant or seeds is prohibited.
  • Wedding photos may be shot in the Hortus. For additional rules and guidelines regarding the taking of wedding photos see: Wedding in the Hortus.
  • Permission must be arranged for any kind of photo- or film shoot. Such filming is allowed only on weekdays. Any photo- or film shoot for which arrangements have not been made will be terminated or fees may be charged. Published photos should credit the “Hortus Botanicus Haren”. It is not permitted to change clothes or do makeup in the gardens or greenhouses. Rooms for this purpose may be rented at the usual rates. No distinction is made between commercial and non-commercial, or between business and private shoots. No gardens or greenhouses can be closed off to the public during opening times. The charge for a photoshoot with up to 10 people is €100 per hour; for filming with up to 10 people the charge is €150 per hour. These rates apply during opening times and do not include any costs of personnel of the Hortus. The management of the Hortus determines whether accompaniment is necessary.
  • Children are welcome when accompanied by adults.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Hortus, except for helper dogs.
  • Biking is not permitted in the Hortus. Bicycle racks are located by the entrance.
  • Drones may not be flown above the Hortus.
  • The Hortus is not responsible for damages incurred during visits to the Hortus. You enter the Hortus at your own risk.
  • Any other questions regarding visits to the Hortus will be decided upon by the management of the Hortus.