Chinese Tuin

Groups in the Hortus

Hortus Botanicus Haren, an exceptionally stimulating day trip!
Group excursions are warmly welcomed at the Hortus, and trips to the Hortus can be tailored to the wishes of almost any group. The many gardens, each with a unique character and atmosphere, form the setting for hours of pleasurable roaming. A diverse selection of group tours  is offered to deepen the appreciation of the gardens. In addition, the gardens are regularly the setting for a range of festivals, workshops and sculpture exhibits. The Hortus is thus attractive not only for what it offers to lovers of nature, but also for cultural enrichment.

Geopark the Hondsrug

It is also possible to visit the Hortus as an interim stop, before or after another destination, such as when visiting Geopark the Hondsrug. The Hortus became part of Geopark the Hondsrug last year, and is considered the Gateway to the  park. A trip to the Hortus complements any excursion to other locations and attractions within the Geopark. We welcome groups with coffee or tea and something sweet and offer the opportunity to lunch in our restaurant so you can continue your day out refreshed.

A Taste of the Hortus

Two attractive restaurants can be found in the Hortus, Grand Café The Plantage and the
Chinese Teahouse “the Cry of the Dragon”. In addition, the HortusCafé, located at the reception, is available (and accessible without paying the Hortus entrance fee) for coffee, tea and sweet snacks. The offerings of the restaurants are nearly as varied as the gardens themselves—tea and coffee with something sweet, lunch or dinner—all is possible.

Special Offers for Bus Tour Groups

Our special folder for bus tours (Dutch) gives information about prices and group packages. If you have specific questions or would like to request an individually tailored package, contact us via or via the contact form.

Contact via the telephone is possible on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30-13:00 pm at 0031 (0)50 – 537 00 53.