Contact information

Visiting address
Kerklaan 34
9751 NN  Haren
The Netherlands

Post address
Stichting Behoud Groene Hortus
Postbus 179
9750 AD  Haren
The Netherlands

General information by phone:
0031 (0)50 – 537 00 53


You can contact us during opening hours via the general phone number 0031 (0)50 – 537 00 53 or via the e-mail adres

For information about reservations or administration queries we can be contacted on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday from 8.30-13.00 by calling 0031 (0)50-537 00 53 or via the e-mailadres


  • For general information about Hortus botanicus Haren/Groningen or to order brochures please contact the reception desk via
  • For year subscriptions also please contact the reception desk
  • To reserve a room please contact the administration department via
  • For information about group excursions and for requesting a quote you can also contact the administration department
  • For the request regarding a party for children, actvivities for children, study material and educational activities please contact our department education via
  • If you want information about staying at the Hermitage please send an email to
  • For applying as a volunteer you can send an email to
  • Our communcation department can be reached via
  • It also possible to fill out the contact form.

Social media

To follow what can be done in our gardens please follow Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram or apply for our monthly news letter. We would also appreciate it if you would share photos and videos of the Hortus with us. Please mail these to

Support the Hortus Haren

The Foundation for the preservation of a Green Hortus, the dutch abbreviation is SBGH, was founded in 2002. The SBGH is a recognized charity with a official, this is called ANBI status.

Every day the many volunteers of the SBGH work with great zeal and enthusiasm too preserve the Botannical Hortus for the Norh of the Netherlands. For the Hortus to continue it is however also depending on the financial support of the Society of Friends of the Hortus “Henricus Munting” and others who care for the Hortus and wish the Hortus to do well.

If you wish to support the Hortus Haren then there are various ways to dos so:

  1. Become a benefactor to the Hortus
  2. Donate to the Hortus
  3. Become a volunteer at the Hortus
  4. Gifts – succession/bequest
  5. Become a partner of the Hortus
  6. Become a sponsor of the Hortus

If you want more information about the aformentioned possibilities, please contact us.