OOGradio – interview about the mushroom tour

Saturday 12 October 2019 the interview about the mushroom tour with Marian Hulscher can be heard at 12.15 pm on OOGradio.

At 105.5 on the cable or 106.6 in the ether.

And of course missed by broadcast.

What is being discussed.

  • At the moment, mushrooms are literally sprouting from the ground en masse.
  • What are mushrooms anyway?
  • During the tour we hope to see many different types of mushrooms, because they do not all have a stem with a hat.
  • When children come along they can help well: they often see everything much earlier than large people.
  • We will also all take a few mushrooms in our hands and take a good look at it: take a loupe or magnifying glass: take a loupe or magnifying glass if you can and a mirror to view a mushroom on the spot from below.
  • Hortus Haren is the most species-rich place of mushrooms in the Province of Groningen. How did that happen?
  • Since 2013, the Laarmantuin (the oldest part of the Hortus) has been included in the National Plant Collection. This underlines the national importance of Hortus Haren as a botanical garden.
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