Extraordinary sleep

An extraordinary sleep experience in the Hortus Haren, by Ingrid Koetzier

It was called an “extraordinary sleep” in the Chinese Garden in the Hortus. Not a wild party but a quiet experience of the dark, the trees and the atmosphere of this special place. With a musical interlude on a bamboo flute before going to sleep.

The moon made its presence known, there was no rain, and, apart from the odd snore here and there, it was wonderfully still. It really is an intense experience to slide away into sleep in the open air. I imagine that, like me, more people felt the need for a nap the following day.

After breakfast served in a reed basket and a guided tour led by Regine, that was it for this year.

Will you be there next time?

Information: https://www.Buitengewoonslapen.NU

Cost: €17.50 for the volunteers including cot, mat, sleeping bag and breakfast


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