Cooling down

The 424th volume of the Enkhuizer Almanac predicted good sommer weather for July 2019, but did not mention a possible heatwave. But it did arrive. Though it is of course pretty difficult to predict the weather a whole year in advance. Even given the most modern technology the meteorologists cant always make good short term predictions. The weather is of course as variable as anything.

As in 2018 the heat protocol was put into operation.. Wiith temperatures being above 30 degrees Celsius gardener Rick and his aide Rijk were already at work by six o’ clock in the morning and quit at one o’ clock in the afternoon. Of course the garden volunteers worked less long. The Hortus even closed a couple of afternoons to prevent the reception assistants and possible visitors overheating.

The warm, dry sommer of 2018 unfortunately caused the demise of several trees in the garden. This year the damage does not seem to be as bad, due to a bit more rain that had fallen than the previous year. But the actual damage will only be visible next year.

On a humid and sticky day in the beginning of August, i did my walk through the Hortus via all sorts of winding paths through the Laarman garden, in between the fruit trees towards the Butterfly and Bee meadow. Suddenly a rumble sounded, and above me several thunderclouds drifted in the sky. I decided to take cover in the Chinese garden against the oncoming doom. There were more visitors who had come up the same plan. People sat at several terraces, watching how the raindrops danced on the Red Carp lake. They were also looking at volunteer Jan, who was standing in the pond imperturbably shoveling and removing the “ water plague”. I think that everybody secretly envied him a bit. Who wouldn’t want to take a refreshing bath?

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