Kinderen in Chinese tuin

2019 was a good year for the Hortus in Haren, with 26,000 visitors, but these are still troubling times

The Chinese Garden is the center of concerns about the extension of the usage agreement with the University of Groningen (RUG), owner of both the Hortus and the adjacent Carex location, the Biotoop.

Once a gift of the City of Shanghai to the City and Province of Groningen, the Chinese Garden is in need of high levels of maintenance. The University of Groningen will allow only that maintenance needed for conservation. The problem has been presented to the city council.

The usage agreement between the Hortus Foundation and the RUG has been extended until 2023, but the RUG has indicated that it would prefer to sell the terrain occupied by the Hortus. Whether this can occur depends on the land usage plan (zoning plan) approved by the Groningen city council. According to the board of the Hortus, “The future of the Hortus depends on the decisions made by the city council of Groningen.”

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