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Hortus Botanicus Haren-Groningen

Activities for children

Come and marvel

Discovering that small animals live under a rock, that caterpillars turn into butterflies, that bees can dance …… When children make discoveries in nature at an early age, it is the basis for their interest and care for nature. Children are naturally curious and constantly seeking to explore themselves and the world. In the Hortus we explore with children, because in the garden there is a lot to do Nature plays the main role in the Hortus, but in the cultural field all kinds of activities take place. To the cultural themes, we like to add a “pinch” of nature. We start from different themes. You indicate which themes are preferred.

Target audiences:

  • Children, who come to the Hortus to celebrate their birthday
  • Elementary school groups
  • Out-of-school care (BSO) groups.
  • Children from 6 to 12 years workshop Dragons, 25 years Chinese Garden

Activities without a guide

Art tour 'Lost and found again'

‘The glory days of the Hortus as a “research site of the university” are over. Things were lost, but fortunately much was also preserved and recovered.

The artworks “The Rimpeling” and “The Hermitage” recall what once was and, at the same time, are an ode to the beauty that is now.

The children get a sense of the history of the Hortus and discover the value the Hortus has today. The theme of three works of art is “Lost and Rediscovered.

It’s about losing something and then finding something again. You can walk the route using the “Lost and Found” booklet. In it are questions and assignments.

This booklet is available at the reception desk for €1.

Scavenger hunt 10 years of art in the Hortus

During the sculpture expo, there will be a photo scavenger hunt along the artworks. You look for the images in the garden using the picture card.

This card is available at the reception for €0.50.

You can reach us at: educatie@hortusharen.nl, by phone 050 – 537 00 53 or fill out the contact form below.

Activities for children

During the season, various activities for children are organized in the Hortus.

Check out the upcoming activities below. Click here for the full calendar.