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Hortus Botanicus Haren-Groningen

Jeu de Boules

Petanque is more than just throwing a ball

Jeu De Boules is a well-known sport and leisure activity in the Netherlands. Young and old, men and women can participate. It an active activity, a game that can be done by almost anyone. It’s fun and the rules of the game simple.

Jeu de boule Is a a a game with 6 boules (iron balls) and a But ( small wooden ball). The goal is to throw the boule as close to the But as possible; that earns a point. The nice thing is that the game can be played year-round.

If you haven’t played before, no problem. There are plenty of materials available and the players are happy to explain the rules and tricks of the game to you.

Location: right next to the Chinese Garden.
Meer informatie: C.S.V. Voorwaarts Haren

Reserving the jeu de boules court