Hortus Hermitage 2

Hortus Hermitage reservations


Untill further notice the Hermitage is closed.


The beautifully renovated Hortus Hermitage can be rented for overnight accommodation.


Get in the mood and learn how the Hortus Hermitage came to be via these links:

Hortus Hermitage by Sjaak Langenberg, Rosé de Beer en Refunc (opening September 2017)

Rental Hortus Hermitage
For 1-2 peopleminimum stay
2 nights
Rental seasonfrom 1 May
till 1 oktober
Tuesday - Thursday night
= € 59,- per night
Friday- and Saturday night
= € 69,- per night
Check in
between 2-4 pm
Check outbefore 11 am
Please note: Monday, Saturday and Sunday arrivals are not possible!
Free parking
Pets not permitted
Not appropriate for children under the age of 13.

Reservations can be made and availability checked at the website:

Funding and Support

The project Hortus Haren, Lost and Found was made possible by:
Art Council Groningen, Mondriaan Funds, University of Groningen, City of Haren and
Friends of the Hortus ‘Henricus Munting’.


Wishing you a wonderful stay!