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The Hortus botanicus Haren is a treasure trove of nature, from wild orchids to a beautiful rock garden with special rock plants, the Laarmantuin houses many plants that are on the red list and even houses Sequoias. The Chinese garden is the only one of its kind in Europe, outside of China such a garden can only be admired in Canada and Australia. And so there is much more to see in the Hortus. Look for more and current information on our site, Facebook, twitter and instagram. And via the website you can sign up for the monthly newsletter.


The “Hortus Haren” is one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens in the Netherlands. It houses one of the few Chinese gardens in Europe, designed by a well-known Chinese landscape architect, “The Hidden Kingdom of Ming”. Look behind the waterfall and be enchanted by the scents of the flowers. The “Laarman Garden” is a treasure trove of rare and endangered plant species and not only because of that part of the National Plant Collection (SNP). Stroll through the “Celtic Garden” in search of your “Birthday Tree” and marvel at the diversity of the insect world in the new 4000 square meter “Butterfly and Bee Garden”. Also new is the “Hondsrug Garden”, part of the UNESCO park “De Hondsrug”. For refreshments and snacks, the team of the “Grand Café De Plantage” and the Chinese Teahouse are looking forward to your visit. In the entrance building you will find a souvenir and plant shop. For information, we have our audio tours and a Hortus Chat App “Tree Entertainments” available. There is so much to experience, visit us!


Since February 2018, our Hortus can carry the Botanic Guardians Logo!

The botanical gardens with this logo from the NVBT, the Dutch Association of Botanical Gardens, present themselves as HORTUS Botanic Guardians, guardians and gatekeepers of biodiversity. Numerous plant species have disappeared in recent decades or are currently threatened with extinction. Plants that are an important link in our ecosystem. As a link, they have a direct and indirect influence on the quality of life of humans and animals. The Botanic Guardians protect and maintain many types of plants, including those that are endangered, that no longer occur in the Netherlands, or that no longer occur anywhere in the wild.

Many plants that are on the red list grow in the Laarmantuin of the Hortus Botanicus Haren. The knowledge and expertise of the employees in the gardens about these plants is of great importance for the conservation of biodiversity.

Also interesting: take a look at the website of the NVBT,



“In heaven is paradise, on earth are Hangzhou and Suzhou”. It is true that Suzhou, a place not far from Shanghai, has the most beautiful gardens in China. In 1995, HM Queen Beatrix opened the Hidden Kingdom of Ming. Shanghai’s famous city garden architect, Professor Le Wei Zhong, designed the Chinese garden. The materials for the Chinese garden are authentic and shipped from China and built by Chinese craftsmen. The Chinese garden is unique in Europe, such a garden can only be found outside of China in Canada and Australia.


The Hondsrug has been given UNESCO heritage status and the Hortus Haren is proud to be part of De Hondsrug Unesco Global Geopark, the only one with this status in the Netherlands.

The Hondsrug Geopark is special because the ice age landscape is still visible everywhere. The Hondsrug area in East Drenthe consists of a complex of four parallel running straight backs that are separated by stream valleys.




The construction of a large butterfly and bee garden started in the spring of 2018. It will become a biotope for the butterfly and the bee, with shelter, shelter, places for wintering and where host plants and gestational plants can be found. Many insect species are very picky and use only one or a few plant species for food and reproduction. The indigenous and exotic plant species to be sown meet this requirement and contribute to biodiversity.



In the evening you can wander through the gardens of the Hortus botanicus Haren. Spend the night in a special living room in which original materials and furniture from the Hortus have been transformed into design with a story. For example, beautiful green plant cards have been processed into a beautiful desktop. During the day, get the chance to look behind the scenes of the Hortus, and to contribute to the maintenance of the gardens. The Hortus botanicus Haren offers these unique possibilities with the Hortus Hermitage, a retreat place with a social character.



Lovely place to visit with the children with daily various activities for the children such as treasure hunts and the knapsack route. Also take a look at the Chinese garden that is unique in Europe, where you can walk behind the waterfall via a secret path. The rock garden is for the mountain goats among us, and the investigators can indulge themselves by searching for the stones with the faces, and the bridges in the Celtic garden. It is also interesting to read which tree belongs to your birthday and what its characteristics are. In the apiary you can learn more about the life of the bees. There are also natural play areas. A tasty snack can be enjoyed in the Grand Café De Plantage. Look for the current information on the website ”



The Hortus botanicus Haren has beautiful Penjing. This is the Chinese art form that existed before the Japanese Bonsai.