Ruud Stoter 3

Exhibition Ruud Stoter

04-12-18 to 15-01-19

Ruud Stoter (1947) is one of the oldest artists at Hortus Kunst with his 71 years. He has not been working for the art department for very long, but has, as a beginning artist, developed a very recognizable style. The way in which Ruud imagines his world is fascinating; drawing on pencil or pen, he colors his faces and makes Haren street scenes out of his head.

For example, the Jumbo, the hairdresser, the greengrocer and the church can be found in his work. Ruud often makes clear the names of the subjects, so that the text becomes part of his work. The repeating trees, mills, houses, roads with cars or buses form horizontal rows that characterize his drawings.


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