Workshop Painting

23-06-19 and 28-07-19

Following on the success of last year’s workshop, Josien Choy will again offer a watercolor painting workshop. The workshop will be held on two Sundays, 23 June and 28 July. The topic of the workshop is “Painting Impressionist Landscapes” and it will be held in the Hundred Flowers Pavilion of the Chinese Garden. The workshop will start at 2 pm and last 1-2 hours. The beginning and close of the workshop will be accompanied by flutist Robert v.d Feen.

To sign up for the workshop or for more information, contact Josien Choy at 050-3022401 or 06-24134878, or via e-mail:

The cost of the workshop is 5 euro for material used in the workshop. The regular entrance fee for the Hortus also applies. Workshop costs can be paid to Josien Choy.


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