Sculpture Exposition 10XSOLO

19-05-19 till 22-09-19

For the ninth year in a row The Hortus Botanicus Haren is organizing a sculpture exhibition: 10XSOLO.

The participating artists are: Stephen Beale, Sonja van Beuzekom, Gjalt Blaauw, Liesbeth Bunnik, Eddy Gheress, Kim Kenyon Kieta Nuij, Sjaak Smetsers, Johan Smid and Ruth Vulto Gaube.

Preface from the exhibition catalog

Every year is an adventure for the exhibition committee as they organize the sculpture exhibition in the Hortus. For the ninth time in a row, the Stichting Behoud Groene Hortus has made available the financial resources needed to make the exhibit a reality. Sculpture has volume, and needs space. How a sculpture is viewed depends on where it is displayed, and the sculpture itself shapes the space it occupies. In this way the gardens and the sculptures complement and can strengthen each other.

Thanks to the variety of gardens in the Hortus, it is possible to match sculpture and garden to achieve synergy. We hope that the exhibition will inspire the visitor to seek out sculpture to enhance their own garden.

10XSOLO: 10 different artists are invited to display their work. The different styles and methods of the artists contribute to a varied and interesting exhibition.

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