Geopark Week Guided Tours

 27-05-19 till 10-06-19

Geopark Week Guided Tours featuring the Ice Age and the Hondsrug!

May 27 till June 10 is the Geopark week, and the Hondsrug and the Unesco Global Geopark are the focus of many planned activities.

The Hondsrug Garden of the Hortus is the perfect place to start a tour of the Hondsrug. As part of the Geopark Week, the Hortus is offering several guided tours for children and adults with the themes of the Ice Age and the creation of the Hondsrug. The tours begin at the Hondsrug Garden.

The tours for children are on two Wednesday afternoons, May 29 and June 5, at 2 pm. Reservations are not necessary.

The tour for adults in on May 28 und June 4, at 2 pm. Reservations are not necessary.

There is no additional cost for the tours; you pay only the entrance fee for the Hortus.


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