Beekeeping: Open Days

13-07-19 & 14-07-19

In the weekend of June 13 and 14 2009 the Hortus Haren will take part the National Beekeeping Open Days .

The Buzzing of Bees and the Smell of Beeswax and Honey

Beekeepers across the Netherlands are holding open house on Saturday and/or Sunday, June 13 and 14. The open days will draw attention to the plight of bees in the Netherlands and across the world. All bees, including the many species of wild, solitary bees, are facing difficult times. Numerous factors, including a decrease in available flowers, are contributing to sometimes drastic decreases in bee populations. The National Beekeeping Open Days bring attention to this problem while educating visitors about both wild and domestic bees and the important and intriguing roles they play in pollination.

Bees are exciting!

Beekeepers love to tell about their exciting hobby and the important role bees play in nature. During the open days they will demonstrate all the ins and outs of beekeeping. If you dare, you can get an up-close look inside a hive. Or view an observation hive from safely behind a pane of glass. With a bit of luck, you will see the queen. You can also learn to see the difference between the male “drones” and female  “worker bees”. The beekeepers will also provide information about bees and their important role in biodiversity and about how you can create a bee-friendly garden or balcony.

More information can be found at: Nederlandse Bijenhoudersvereniging (NBV)

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