The herb garden of Henricus Munting, the founder of the Hortus.

Doctor, pharmacist and professor Henricus Munting (1583-1658) laid the foundation for the Hortus Botanicus in Groningen. In 1973, a few years after the Hortus moved to Haren, an herb garden was established in his honor, and with his name. The garden is designed in the style of the 17th century, and has the same sections as the original garden of Professor Munting.

Three-fourths of the garden consists of plants which were once believed to have medicinal effects. Some of these plants are still used medicinally. The rest of the garden contains herbs and dye plants. These three types of plant were important in the cloister gardens of the middle ages.

Warning: All of the plants in the Herb Garden can cause irritation or might be poisonous when touched or ingested. Therefore, do not touch plants or eat any berries, leaves or fruit. The Hortus cannot be held accountable for any harm resulting from picking or eating herbs from the herb garden.