Oberve the life of the bees in the Apiary

“Keeping bees, in the past and now” is the theme of the Apiary which was built at the time of the 75th anniversary of the Haren-Paterswolde bee-keepers association.

An illustration of wood bee culture is provided by an occupied a hollow tree trunk in the basket hive. In addition you see ordinary straw baskets, a swan’s neck basket, and a bishop’s cap being used as hives.

By the way, these aren’t all occupied by bees. In the basket bee-hive, you can get an idea of what keeps a modern hobby bee-keeper with four or five swarms happy. In the visitors’ area you can safely observe the life of the bees from behind a glass screen. And in this same area you can look at two so-called observation boxes.

Honey is also extracted in the Hortus, and after extraction you can buy a pot of genuine Hortus honey. Times when the honey will be extracted can be found on the website.