Celtic Garden: The Gardens of Ogham

What trees say about your character.

The Celtic Garden expresses various elements of the mythology of the ancient Celts. The Celts had a great appreciation of nature and especially of trees. They also studied the heavens to determine when crops should be planted, when the gods looked favorably upon them, how illnesses would progress and so forth.

The Celtic year was divided into sun and moon festivals. Certain properties, symbols, trees and even branches were bound to the different periods of the year. The Celts made prophesies with the assistance of letters carved in wood. These letters form the basis for the Ogham alphabet.

The journey to the Gardens of Ogham, as the Celtic Garden is called, begins in the former Pool Garden of the English Garden. A winding time tunnel brings you back in time. A boardwalk brings you to the entrance, where the ring-wall is reminiscent of an elven fort. The Path of the Sea lies inside the ring of trees. Find your birthday and the tree that corresponds to it. The character of tree corresponding to your birthday may tell you something about yourself.