Bee and Butterfly Meadow

The Hortus has created a bee and butterfly meadow, covering 4000 square meters. It is a complete
environment for the butterfly and the bee, with calm, protected places for surviving the winter. In
addition to host plants, plants which provide nectar and pollen abound to provide for many types
of insect, including those which feed or breed on just one or several types of plant.

A wide varietyof native and exotic plants was planted to provide for a great variety of insects and to increase the
biodiversity of the Bee and Butterfly Meadow. As an added bonus, the meadow provides a beautiful
display of flowers from spring till fall.

The design of the Bee and Butterfly Meadow was made possible by the Scholten-Kamminga
foundation and the Province of Groningen and Friends of the Hortus subsidized the development
of the meadow.

The Bee and Butterfly Meadow is still in development!