Education is one the most important tasks for the Hortus, and there are educational activities at class and school level for primary and secondary school students. We offer a range of classical and individual programs for your class or school which you can find out about by contacting

Examples of lesson programs

  • Experience Spring with the whole class. A walk through the gardens to see everything that flowers and grows. With themes like the weather, small animals and plants that are just budding.
  • Hortus Song Festival Get to know the songs of the local birds as well as the migrating birds just returning from Africa. Find out why birds sing.
  • Survival Sport Day See how well you do compared with other classes and schools. Show how your team can work together to climb over, run past and dive through the various obstacles.       Survival Sport Day is organised together with ‘The Sport House’ (‘Het huis van de sport’).
  • Autumn in the Hortus This is the time Nature prepares itself for the winter hibernation. Leaves fall from the trees and there is a great deal of work to do for the cleaners, the mushrooms.