Kinderen zoekkaarten

Don’t miss the Children’s Events in the Hortus!

Various children’s activities are organised in the Hortus throughout the year, such as the mushroom-hunt in the autumn holiday, Alice in Hortus Winter Wonderland in the Christmas holiday and a Survival Sports day in the summer. There are thousands of different plants, animals and trees to see on a discovery tour through the Hortus, and children can get answers to questions like: ‘How do trees and plants grow and what does evolution in the plant kingdom look like?’ There is much to experience for children of all ages. Look in the program (events) for the current children’s events.

Children’s activities

Looking for an original and educational children’s party, or a day trip to the Hortus with your children or grand-children? There’s always something for children to do at the Hortus! With or without a guide.

Activities with guide

  • Experience the Hortus – Come along to the gardens and see, smell, listen, feel and just experience the Hortus
  • Chinese Garden – Discover the mysteries of the Hidden Ming Empire and lose yourself in China
  • In the Apiary (the Apiary) – Can bees dance? Learn more about these special insects and their work in the bee-hive
  • Gnome country – Put a gnome’s cap on and see, smell and think like a gnome! Have fun discovering nature.
  • Insects – The Hortus is home to thousands of insects, in the air, on the ground and in the water, Come and track them down!
  • Celtic Garden (Celtic Garden) – Wander in the Celtic Garden. Find out what was important for Celts.

More information about children’s activities with a guide in the Hortus Haren can be found at
Children activities with quide

Activities without a guide

  • Bingo! Unravel the mysteries of the Chinese garden with the bingo game!
  • Art route Hortus – The theme of the three artworks on display is ‘lost and found’ , and they concern losing something and then finding it again. Go and have a look for them in the gardens! Various questions and assignments to do with the art works can be found in a book for sale at €1,- at the reception.
  • Discovery adventure 10x Solo – During the 10x Solo exhibition, you can go on a discovery adventure in search of the artworks in the garden using a photo-folder. This is for sale for €1,- at the reception.

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