Geopark Week 2019

27-05-19 till 11-06-19

Two weeks packed with activities

Each year UNESCO Global Geoparks organizes a global Geopark week. Naturally, the Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark is a participant in this, together with the Hunebed Center, Forest Management, the Stedelijk Museum Coevorden, the Hortus Botanicus Haren, Van Gogh House and the Drentse Veenland. Together we have put together a program packed with activities for young and old.

From 27 May till 10 June you can experience all sorts of fun and educational walks, guided tours, boat excursions and other adventures. And archeologist Evert van Ginkel will give an exciting presentation about the 200,000-year history of the Hondsrug and its prehistoric inhabitants.

Information about all the activities and how you can take part in them is at Click here for the program book (Dutch)

Program Overview Geopark Week 2019

29 May and
5 June
How the Ice Age formed the Hondsrug: Guided tour for children in the Hortus Haren
29 May Traces of battle: Walking tour of the city and visit to the Stedelijk Museum Coevorden
30 May Spirit of nature: early morning walk (starting at the Buitencentrum Boomkroonpad in Drouwen)
30 May and
6 June
Walking from the ice age to prehistory: Hunebed center in Borger
30 May Early morning walk in the Bargerveen
30 May Family Day Nature Park Veenland
31 May In the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh: Boat ride on the Snikke and visit to the Van Gogh Huis in Veenoord
1 June and
8 June
Eye to eye with the hunebed builders: Guided tour through the museum of the Hunebed Center in Borger
1 June Train ride from the narrow gauge (Smalspoor) museum with a nature walk by the Griendtsveen lake
1+2 and 8+9 June Prehistorical weekend: Live history in the prehistorical park of the Hunebed Center in Borger
2/9 June Walk through 150.000 years of history: Guided tour through the prehistorical park of the Hunebed Center in Borger
3, 5 of 7 June Drilling for the ice age: For children in group 7/8 of the basis school and classes 1- 3 of advanced education.
4 June How the Ice Age created the Hondsrug: Guided tour for adults in the Hortus Haren
5 June Discover a pingo ruin: classes 1- 3 of advanced education.
6 June Seen from the back: Presentation by archaeologist Evert van Ginkel, in Rolde
9 and
10 June
Pentecost walk: starting at the Buitencentrum Boomkroonpad in Drouwen

The Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark

UNESCO Global Geoparks are characterized by their exceptional geological, archeological, ecological and cultural value. There are 147 UNESCO Global Geoparks in the world, spread over 41 countries.

The Hondsrug is the only UNESCO Global Geopark in the Netherlands. The region was given this status because of its ice-shaped ridges and valleys, the wealth of treasures from our ancestors and the evidence of shaping of the landscape by human hands.


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