Hondsrugtuin ontwerp

Creating the Hondsrug Garden in the Hortus Haren

The design for the Hondsrug Garden created by Landscapesarchitect Jan Maas of Boom Landscape was inspired by the Hondsrug itself. Haren is part of the Unesco Geopark De Hondsrug, and the new Hondsrug Garden is intended to show visitors to the Hortus Haren how stimulating and unique the Hondsrug is. The development of the garden occurred in three phases:

Phase 1: Bringing in the three different types of soil that are most characteristic of the Hondsrug and redirecting water to the garden for the stream.

Phase 2: Paving the paths. The paths were inspired by how sheep and wild animals form networks of lines in heather and dune environments.

Phase 3: Planting the garden.


The Hortus Haren made a substantial investment in the development of the Hondrug Garden, but without the contributions of a number of sponsors the garden would not have been possible.

Creating the Hondsrug Garden in the Hortus Haren