Hortus Botanicus Haren-Groningen




Hortus Botanicus Haren-Groningen

The Society of Friends of the Hortus ‘Henricus Munting’ supports the Hortus Botanicus Haren financially. Since the University of Groningen (RUG) ended its financial contribution to the Hortus several years ago, the continued existence of the Hortus depends in part on this Society of Friends.

The support of this “fan club” involves activities related to the management and expansion of the plant collection, ecological outreach and the promotion of education. Also, the Friends contribute to projects to improve the infrastructure and the garden.

By becoming a member of the Friends Association, you contribute to the survival of the Hortus. The attractively priced membership has the benefit for you of free admission to the Hortus for an entire year; exceptions may be made only for “special” events.

Information about membership in the Friends Association and what you get for it can be found on the Friends of the Hortus website. You can also register there.

Annual subscription

Hortus annual subscription

The annual subscription is valid through Dec. 31. During opening hours, you have unlimited access to the Hortus. You can sign up for a personal membership or for a
family membership (including (grand)children up to age 12), this family subscription will be in two names.


Becoming a donor to the SBGH

You can already become a donor to the Foundation for the Preservation of Green Hortusfor €10 a year. Of course, a higher contribution is also very welcome. The SBGH is a recognized charity with ANBI status, donors may therefore deduct their donations from income or corporate taxes.


Access special events

Custom admission prices may apply during special events; the special admission prices are listed with the event.