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Lovers of art and culture welcome in the Hortus

The gardens of the Hortus make a natural and beautiful setting for cultural activities. Each year, from May to September, the Hortus organizes and hosts a large sculpture exhibition. This year that is the exhibition 10 X SOLO: in 2018 the exhibition 9 X SOLO; in 2017 the exhibition 8 X SOLO was presented and 2016 and 2015 saw the exhibits 11 X SOLO and 7 X SOLO, respectively. In these exhibits, artists are given the opportunity to display multiple works in one of the many gardens. An attempt is made to match the works to specific gardens to optimize the synergy between art and nature.

The gardens are also a source of inspiration for participants in painting, sculpture and photography workshops. And they are a perfect place to organize your own event. For an immersive experience in the Hortus, an overnight stay in the Hortus Hermitage can be arranged. And the Grand Café De Plantage is the venue for a series of summer concerts. Finally, painting and photography exhibits are held throughout the year in the entrance hall of the Hortus.

A taste of cultural events in the Hortus Haren: