Hortus Botanicus Haren-Groningen




Hortus Botanicus Haren-Groningen

Art & Culture

The gardens are also a source of inspiration

For participants in painting, sculpture, photography workshops and are a perfect location to host your own event.

  • The Grand Café De Plantage does host concerts every summer.
  • The entrance hall of the Hortus also serves as a small exhibition space for painters and photographers throughout the year.
  • And a unique overnight stay in the Hortus Hermitage can be reserved.

The following cultural events are available at the Hortus: exhibitions at the Hortus Café, sculpture exhibitions, overnight stays at the Hortus Hermitage and Chinese Festival.

The Hortus also welcomes lovers of art and culture.

Gardens are cultured pieces of nature, and in this, a cultural element such as a statue fits in, which can give a very special cachet to the garden. In the Hortus, several enduring sculptures can be admired such as Ine Bollen’s concrete sculptures in Birch Square, Gert Sennema’s man carved from a Nordmann spruce and Bastiaan de Groot’s sculpture the Bank, recently donated by the Niermijer family. In the Hondsrug Garden, the bridge The Ripple by Gabriel Lester can be seen, and among the cornfields is a land art project by Merijn Vrij.