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About the Hortus botanicus Haren

The Hortus botanicus Haren is owned by the University of Groningen (RUG). Until 1980, it played an important role in plant research at the University. The Hortus was then leased to various parties who attempted to exploit it commercially. These attempts were not successful, leading the University to form the Foundation for the Preservation of the Hortus in 2002 (Stichting Behoud Groene Hortus; SBGH). The members of the board of the SBGH are named by the RUG, and the President of the University serves as overseer. The SBGH received stewardship of the Hortus for a period of 10 years; in the meantime the contract has been extended to 2020. The University supported the Hortus financially for the initial 10 years, but since 2012 the Hortus has been financially independent. However, the RUG continues to be involved in maintenance of the buildings.

The SBGH is a recognized charity with ANBI status.

More than 100 volunteers devote themselves enthusiastically to the task of keeping the Hortus Haren in the North Netherlands. The continued existence of the Hortus is also dependent on the financial support of the Friends of the Hortus Haren and all other supporters.


The Hortus botanicus Haren is one of the oldest and largest botanical gardens of the Netherlands. Many different gardens are located within the 20 hectares of the Hortus. These include a wild plant garden, the Celtic Garden and the Chinese Garden with its authentic Chinese Teahouse. The University of Groningen is the owner of the Hortus Haren.

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